Hello everyone,


With the wave of the new Blender Institut Movie hype, this page category will be dedicated for Gooseberry project. The project itself is planned to be 2 years in production. So we sure hope to expect to watch the movie in late 2016. All updates and information from our studio point of view will be displayed here.


Let’s go check Gooseberry site and show your support http://gooseberry.blender.org/

5 reasons why you should join as cloud membership for $12.80 per month, which is you can register here https://cloud.blender.org/gooseberry/  :

1). You can have Gooseberry updates earlier than everyone else.

2). You can have your name in credit title.

3). You can support the development of new features for blender and the cloud. Imagine what kind of features that will be implemented in Blender in the next two years.

4). Access and download all video trainings made by the Blender Foundation.

5). Access and download all open movies, including production data, tutorials and more.