Nini The Hero Granny

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Nini began her debut as animated character in 2011, from animation short titled “Si Nini”. With collaboration with Mechanimotion Studio, now she’s back to catch the filthy thief in the neighbourhood.

Nini game were made using all assets from her previous short movie. It’s also combined with GIMP Sprite Sheet Plugin Script to create all the sprites. The game engine is Stencyl, because it’s affordable, and because we use Ubuntu in daily basis and Stencyl provide Linux build for that. Another main reason is because as an artist with no programming background skill, Stencyl is proven to give a quick and good result. It’s currently available only on Android Play Store (ios people be patient). We hope everyone can enjoy it and share it with their family and friends. Expect more updates and exciting adventure in the future. And be alert! because crime is never sleep.

Get it now and help Nini to fight crime (Free Version) (Paid Version)

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Nini’s tweet @animasinini

You can also help Nini for Indigo Apprentice Awards until March 31st 2015. Click the link below, log in at Indigo Apprentice Awards website using facebook or twitter, click the purple thumb up button to vote dan share it ^___^ thanks a lot!

March 18th, 2015